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After lighting the candles, let them burn for about 60 seconds, then blow them out, and in a few seconds the flame will ignite again magically! It’s really an good idea to delight your friends at a birthday party!

Size: 16*9 cm

Weight: 12g totally


Do you want to be a magician?

But you don’t have a lot of time to learn all kinds of professional magic knowledge? Have no patience to practice all kinds of complicated magic skills?

Don’t worry! This product can make you a magician once.

Package Included:

candle*10, base*10


The methods about extinguishing:

1. Press the head on the table then extinguish it like cigarette.

2. Put the head in drink or tea, or put it under the tap and wash it out with water.

3. Use the base beneath the candle to extinguish the flame.


Please let it burn for about 1 min then blow it out.

Remember to let the candle burn completely before throwing.

Make sure the candle doesn’t have spark, or it will burn spontaneously.

Wishing you a pleasant shopping trip! Pay attention to fire safety!

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