Alphabet & Number Plunger Biscuit Cutter Uppercase Letter & Number Cookie Stamp Mold Embosser Cookie Fondant Cake Decorating Tool

485 Inclusive of all tax

485 Inclusive of all tax


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Alphabet Number Biscuit Mold Lowercase Uppercase Letter Cookie Stamp Embosser Cookie Cutter Fondant Cake Decorating Tool
Material : Food grade plastic
Size : 1.29 X 1.02inch
Package Include : 26 uppercase letter cutters + 10 number cutters
Food grade plastic, cute and easy to use, to clean, simply wash stamps with hot water and leave to air-dry.
Make special cookies of your own, to make your families happy, and your kids will eat more.
These easy to use cutters can be used with all types of confectionery.
Perfect for decorating cakes, cakes, cookies and cake pops.
Push the Mini letter cutting machine.
Instructions for use:
1.Roll your sugar paste out to a thickness of 2-3mm on a firm, flat surface.
2.Holding the outside of the cutter disc, press the head of the cutter down through the sugar paste until it cut, through the paste and touches the surface below. Twist the cutter gently from side to side. This will ensure you have a really clean cut.
3.Press the top of the cutter down to add the embossed line.
4.Lift the cutter 5cm above the surface and press the top to eject the number.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 3 cm


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