Polycarbonate Chocolate Moulds

199 Inclusive of all tax

199 Inclusive of all tax


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Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould –
Our Food Grade Polycarbonate Moulds are Perfect for Chocolates and Hard Candy. These Moulds are Ideal for Amateurs, Beginners as well as Professional Chocolatiers. These Moulds are tough, strong and rigid. This makes them ideal for making filled chocolates. They bring the finest detail and glossy lustre to your Outcome. You can stack them one over the other without damaging the chocolates below.


Material : Food Grade Polycarbonate


Take the mould and Place it on a Plain Slab/Shelf.
Make sure that the polycarbonate moulds are Completely Dry. Do not touch the mould with your fingers, as it will leave an impression on your chocolate.
Polycarbonate Moulds usually does not need Greasing. But Sometimes due to High Moisture/Temperature Conditions, Demoulding becomes a little difficult. In this case, you can use Cocoa Butter or any Flavourless Oil to Grease the Mould.
Fill the cells with tempered chocolate. Make sure your Chocolate is Tempered well for Easy Demoulding. Also, make sure that the Chocolate is not too hot. It becomes difficult to de-mould if the Chocolate is too hot.
Scrape off the excess chocolate and tap the mould from all the sides so that no bubbles are left inside.
Place the mould in the fridge and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
Once it is Set, Take the Mould Out of the Fridge and Immediately start Demoulding. Tap the Back of the Mould (if required) so that the Chocolates are completely out.

Grease the Mould if you are unable to de-mould the Chocolates from the Mould
Tap the Mould well to avoid any Bubbles for the Perfect Output.
Chocolate Tempering is a very crucial process. Make sure it is Tempered well.

Heat the water: Fill the Double Boiler/Pot with water and bring it up to a simmer. The bottom of the bowl should not touch the water because the chocolate will get too hot and shine can be lost as a result.
Begin melting the chocolate: Make sure your bowl is very dry, as any drops of water will seize up the chocolate which will make the Unmoulding process impossible. Remove the bowl from the heat and stir in the remaining chocolate. Stir with a spatula from time to time.
Stir until completely melted: After the chocolate is about 2/3 melted, remove it from Heat. Gently stir it and allow it to melt further. When the chocolate is smooth and shiny, it is ready to be used.
How do you know if chocolate is Tempered? Test: Dip a knife, spoon, or spatula into the chocolate and set it down at cool room temperature (65° to 70°F). If the chocolate is in temper it will harden quite quickly (within 3 to 5 minutes) and become firm and shiny. If you touch it, your finger will come away clean.


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