Fondant 3D People Cake Figure Mold Family Set Human Body Decorating Mould for Creating Men Women Children Girl Boy




  • May be used with a variety of pastes including Gum Paste, Flower Paste, Mexican Paste, Marzipan, Almond Paste, Cold Porcelain and Polymer Clays.
  • FAMILY MOULD- Each set contains 3 pieces for each model- 1x male mould, 1x female mould, 1x middle child and 1x small child.
  • HOW TO USE- Easy to make, simply fill mould with desired product, press 2 moulds together and gently remove. May need food edible glue or pins to hold together.
  • PLASTIC- Made from food safe plastic, these are perfect for creating fondant statues or for kids to play using clay!
  • Use these moulds to create decorative people figurines for your cakes or other baked goods

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Weight 800 g


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