Reusable Cake Decorating Stencil Small

30 Inclusive of all tax

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30 Inclusive of all tax

20 in stock


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Cake Stencils are flexible for easy use and these stencils have a good flexibility which makes it easier for the stencil to stay in place on the cake during use. They are thin and light, which means you don’t have to use a substantial amount of icing to make the design, and the lightweight makes it easier to use and less likely to render mistakes and damages to the finished/softened icing product.

Bullet Point :

  • Cake/ cookie decorating stencils. They are sturdy enough to hold their shape but thin enough to bend when needed to contour the cookie / Cake.
  • Good cut precision. When stenciling a cake or cookies the cut precision is very important to have a good result and these will do the job.
  • Vast Range of stencils, for any and every occasion. Easy to make fancy cookies/cakes. Be able to take painting, daubing, wiping.
  • Easy to use, fun patterns, easy to clean, and make airbrushing cookies so much fun. Great for use with air brush kit.
  • Good for wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary etc. Bring your cake or other dessert a creative idea. They are also suitable for all kinds of mousse, cut cake, birthday cake, coffee and other decorative.


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